Sunday, February 03, 2008

What's Up, Ombre?

I stopped into the Brooklyn LF yesterday. As usual, I browsed and made some mental notes yet bought nothing. I like a lot of the merch they have there, but their prices are nothing short of shout-rageous, especially when other stores push the same goods for less. Also, they blow out the trends into overdrive mode, which gets to me a little. And another thing: shit is strewn all over the damn place. I get that they're trying to create a messy-chic aesthetic, but if I want to trip over errant shoes, I can do that at home.

However, I was smitten by their Jeffrey Campbell black-and-white ombre heels:
They're $120 at LF, yet Urban Outfitters -- and by the way, LF is basically Urban on coke -- has a few remaining sizes for $74. Too bad I'm not a 9.5. Point is though, the quest for ombre heels is ON!

Also, I haven't really been posting much Fashion Week stuff because a.) of busy-ness and b.) so many other floggers are way on top of that shit. And can I compete with Uh, no.

Anyway, some shows I would've clawed someone's eyes out to see:
+ Alexandre Herchovitch
+ Three As Four
+ Abaete
+ Rachel Comey

Shows I did see:
+ Samantha Pleet -- Review coming soon -- promises!

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