Sunday, February 03, 2008

Seat of Your Pants Shopping

As in: You are sitting on your duff, even though there are deals to be had out there, in the real world. Luckily, there are deals to be had online right now, too. Here are a couple I snagged yesterday (and one I didn't).

Naturalizer "Looloo" patent-leather kitten heels, $10.70 (!) with $10-off coupon code SBK27. At that ridiculous price, it's a good way to try out blue shoes. And since they're pretty similar to my absolutely beloved Payless kitten heels, I'm pretty sure I'll like them.

Speaking of Payless, they have some of the (all of the?) Alice + Olivia stuff in. Lotsa polka dots. I'm kinda meh on them. I am a fan, though, of this cute flat from Lela Rose, $30. Everybody in polka! (I'll wait to inspect these in-store before purchasing.)

Aerosoles is also having a ridiculous sale. I've been eyeing these "Vice President" boots for a while now, but was unsure about the off-white heel with the black boots. But then I decided it's just oddball enough to be cool. And they're only $39.99 now, down from $180, so I pretty much had to buy them. Yay!

1 comment:

shopaphilia said...

Oh my! Those navy patent ones are only $10.70? That's is an absolutely outrageously good deal.

And hellooooo Alice + Olivia at Payless! Great find! =)

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