Thursday, March 27, 2008

Actively Endeavoring to Save You Cash!

Loveys, one of our favorite online supa-stores, Active Endeavors, has sweetly offered a deal to you, the loyal Bingeketeers. Go binge away on their site, enter coupon code fashionbinge20 and you will magically recieve 20% off your order! It lasts through April, so there's plenty of time to sift through the site and watch the new arrivals section like a hawk. Here are a few of the fab finds you could score right this minute:

Kooba "Micki" bag, $695 regularly; $556 with Fashion Binge discount. Whee! I've been thinking about splurging on a nice bag (more on that later), and I'm in love with this bag. Simply gorgeous. Let's have a closer look:

Seriously, how cool are those zippers?! Moving on...

Maria Bonita Extra thin braided patent-leather belt, $60 regularly; $48 because you love the 'Binge. Such a versatile piece for spring, to cinch a poofy dress, hold up your fat jeans, etc.

Reyes camisole, $324 regularly but just $262 for being in the Fashion Binge club. Still 'spensive, but boy is that purty.

Coven ribbed top, $246 regularly; $217 cuz you roll with us. Flashdance with a twist! I love it.

Ulla Johnson "Eleanor" silk blouse, $275 regularly; $220 with binge love. I think TLo might have blogged this before, but even if she did, it's well worth another look.

Unfortunately, you can't use promo codes on sale stuff. But here are some undeniably awesome deals, most of which are marked down way more than 20% anyway. Check it:

McQ by Alexander McQueen tank top, $30. Great, unboring layering piece, no?

Sunshine & Shadows pleated dress, $93. Love the bold color, fun print, everything about this.

Even better! Trovata "Olivia" silk dress, $97. Doesn't the model look so happy to be wearing it??

This one goes out to Ms. Spinach, though I'm not sure the bow is big enough for her: Julie Haus "Secretary" dress, $128.

Gotta go, but remember the discount code: fashionbinge20 ! And let us know in the comments what you bought, mkay?

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ms. spinach said...

aw, thank you.

i support bows big and small!

also! sign me up for a bingeketeer t-shirt.

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