Saturday, March 08, 2008

Beauty Binge: MAC Fafi: Squeeze It Lipglass

Bingers, for those of you not really that into MAC, here's an SAT-style analogy to help you understand the subset of beauty enthusiasts who are completely die-hard:

MAC addicts : new MAC products
People genuinely obsessed with Lost : new episodes of Lost

Like THAT into it. Since MAC puts out at least one brand-new collection per month, there's much new material to keep MAC addicts busy -- and buying.

Buckets of beauty ink have been spilled, so to speak, over MAC's Fafi collection, which has been out for a little over a month now. And the build-up to its debut : the Pope coming to town.

For the uninitiated -- Fafi is an adorable French graffiti artist known for her Harajuku-esque Fafinette characters. She teamed up with MAC to create a limited-edition collection of Fafi-branded beauty products, with fun Fafinettes (Temptalia has a tremendous run-down of the collection, plus lots of pix) all over the packaging.

Anyway, while I appreciate a lot of the collection's colors, many are just too bright (think Rainbow Brite) for me, personally. With the exception of one of the Lipglass glosses: Squeeze It, which is now my very favorite lipgloss. Much of MAC's Fafi stuff is sold out (including the other three Lipglasses) yet this is one's actually still in stock.

Squeeze It is described as "brassy plum," but it's more like a ripe tomato/ strawberry. Like a shiny fruit basket for your lips. (Oh, and speaking of fruit baskets, is it really bad that every time those "Edible Arrangements" commercials come on, I kind of really want one? How trashy am I?)

I'd hit it.

Oops, back to Squeeze It -- it's vibrant but not overly loud -- a wonderful everyday color, and I wish it wasn't limited-edition, but MAC does tend to sort of reincarnate past products into new products with different names, so I'll be on the lookout for that when-/however it's reborn.

Here's a photo of someone else wearing it:
(Credit: Temptalia)

Now get it, girl, get it get it girl, before it's gone.


Anonymous said...

i actually just catered a wedding today that had two of those exact Edible Arrangement baskets.

their strawberries must be Frankenfood or something because they're HUGE and perfectly red.

mmm. not tacky.

amanda said...

I've spent probably $200 on the Fafi! collection alone. I have to agree that "Squeeze It" is gorge. The other lipsticks and lipglasses are strangely wearable, too.

Everytime I convince myself I'm totally done buying MAC, they come out with something totally awesome, and I watch my money fly right into their registers. said...

I've got it :)

WendyB said...

People always send me those fruit bouquets and I think the melon is very unripe!

Anonymous said...

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