Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Few Fun, Affordable Spring Picks

For a minute there, I was like, maybe that post title could be a palindrome. Then I was like... fuck it. It's late. So here are the cute and affordable items, in descending order of cost:

(Apprx $132 USD, Topshop.com)
From the new Kate Moss Topshop collection. Now, honestly, I wasn't blown away by her initial offering. But I love this. I'd love it even more if it didn't have the little ruffle at the waist, but we know ruffles are quite in. Even if they're definitely not universally flattering. Still, I love the embroidered detail and the simple colors.

($48, 80%20, ActiveEndeavors.com)
I wouldn't wear all of 80%20 designer Ce Ce Chin's shoes, but I love the ideas and inspiration behind them. And I am totes enamored of these robin's egg blue punk loafers -- also available in "grape" (hee!) and green.

($39.50, Delias)
Boy shorts aren't always the MOST flattering, but I love the classic tie-neck '40s/'50s look here.

($29.50, Old Navy)
Two cute new suits from Old Navy. They both hit stores April 1. The golden metallic one is a BIT American Apparel (in the bad way), except that it isn't cut below one's crotch. It also HAS a crotch, so that's good. Anyway, metallic definitely has its place on the beach (though it may be its only place I think it's okay in non-accessories form), so I endorse this suit, but the brown one is even better.

($10, Malina, ManicTrout.com)
Never mind that the site's name sounds like a tedious jam band (which is redundant.) These vintage lucite earrings are really sweet, and they're actually tiny -- just a quarter-inch. Tee!


Ma Petite Chou said...

The new Kate Moss topshop jacket is much edgier than her old stuff. Like it!

Elle said...

Love the blog hon! Will def be back :)

Anonymous said...

that gold old navy bathing suit IS american apparel. it's the exact replica of the bodysuit (which, fortunately, did have a crotch) that the #1bitch of the world-famous G.L.O.W. girls wore just last summer!

Tamron Lohan said...

hmmm. anon. i THINK i know who you are... happy almost-bday too, #1 bitch!

Gloria said...

I love that first jacket! nice find :)

#1bitch said...

hahaha. thanks. i may be buying those shoes (in green) as a birthday gift to myself. and i LOVE the bag that you owed to yourself for working so hard. GORGE.

N/OutofFashion said...

I love the black suit and the ruffle jacket the most :) x

Pınar said...
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