Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bag Fever!

I started my morning with a little sample-sale shopping. Call it an early lunch break. First up: the Kooba sale. I've been eyeing this gorgeous creature for weeks now:

Kooba "Lola" bag, $645. I was even thinking about dropping that amount of cash, too. Still not sure though. My momma raised me...differently. And they didn't have the Lola at the sale, anyway. Lots of marked-down bags but nothing that quite blew me away. Oh wells.

They were sharing space with the Calypso sale, though. And I picked up this little number for a cool $10:

Christiane Celle for Calypso small purse, $125 retail; $36 to "buy it now" on eBay. I got the last blue one in the box, but there were plenty of hot pink and gold ones to go around. Perfect for going out!

Next I headed over to the Hayden-Harnett sale. The scuttlebutt among the other shoppers was a) it had been insane yesterday and b) they had way less stuff now. I was looking for a sweet hobo like one of the many they have on their site, but I didn't really like what they had in the way of those things. I did strongly consider this:

Or a very similar bag, anyway. This is the Pallenberg duffel, $142.50. LOVE the print, but I feared I wouldn't have much to wear it with. The one that was at the sale was actually smaller...and more expensive, at $200. Weird.

They have a lot of handbags online, too, though it looks like the prices are quite a bit steeper than they are in person.

I eventually decided to get this:

Malinka hobo, because it's unique and summer-fun AND it was only $45. Though it is $241.50 online — what the?? This makes me wonder if there were any of the gorgeous leather hobos available yesterday and if so, at what insanely low prices. Damn. Must get to sample sales earlier.

Because what I really want is a really nice black leather bag. Like this:

Hayden-Harnett "Margot" satchel, $198. In fact, I might just get this right now. Okay, I just did. Whee! Probably one of the best deals of the sale, too, down from $440 to $198.

Three bags in one day, AND I just got this in the mail today, too:

It's a Matt & Nat number I got on eBay. Yellow: pretty! Matt & Nat is a vegan company, but they also make incredibly well-made, interesting bags.


ambika said...

I adore that yellow bag. Off to ebay to have a look.

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

It's a lot nicer in person than in the picture, too. It's the "Jorja Fox" bag, I believe, if that helps.

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