Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Two-Shoe Tuesday

First off, I'm gonna go ahead and agree with TLo that gladiators are for the most part to be avoided. Didn't that trend die like two years ago? Ugh. HOWEVER, these are cute—I think it's the lack of parallel cage-like straps:

Athena gladiator sandals, $24.90.

Secondly, and forgive me if it seems like I'm at Target every other day. I'm just on their SITE every other day. These came today:

Isaac Mizrahi "Marissa" crinkle patent wedges, $29.90. The color, technically pewter, is just ambiguous enough that it could be dark gray, could be brown, could be silver. Versatile! What are we cheapos gonna DO without Isaac?


Amy said...

I hadn't heard that about Mizrahi. Thanks for ruining my whole day ;-)
xoxo, SG

JPinOH said...

I had no idea about his departure...thanks for the info, sad as it is :-(

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