Monday, April 28, 2008

Is Heatherette Over? PLUS: Beauty Binge - Heatherette for MAC Sock Hop Lipglass

Oh bew. Has the mirrorball shattered at Heatherette? That'd suck but wouldn't be so surprising -- they pulled out of their last Fashion Week show. Apparently they're venturing down their own sparkly paths, which will surely be paved in glitter. But still, this split would be fairly unfierce. More at The Cut.

Also, uh, while you still can, you should check out Heatherette's "Sock Hop" Lipglass from their MAC line -- it's a spring-ready, salmon-pink coral gloss that doesn't reek of hot trannybotmess-ness:
($14, MAC, Macys)
It's totes sold out at MAC online, but SUUUUUP, Macy's -- you can still get it there, along with much of the rest of the collection. Better late than never. Check out more swatches and shots here.

OK, speaking of lates, it's bedtime. Happy Zs, FBs!

Oh, PS: Here's a slightly intoxicated me with the Heatherette dudes at a MAC event. Tee!

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Vain and Vapid said...

It's sad to hear that any label goes under because it is such hard work but I have never really been much of a Heatherette fan. Maybe the new Richie Rich line will have a bit more Club Kid glamour which would be fun.

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