Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Marimekko for H&M: Still There!

About a week and a half after H&M debuted their bold Marimekko-print collection, I finally made it to a store. And lo! While I wasn't tripping over trippy bright maxi-dresses littering the aisles, there was still a respectable selection of stuff. And some of it is quite cute.

I purchased this dress, in my opinion THE cutest in the collection. (The bathing suits are cute, too, but what's up with them being made of straight-up cotton? Huh???)

I'd also have considered these, too, had they been available:

More pics here and here.

Finally, since we've asked to cover more menswear on ze blog, I must implore all the ladies:



Ashley said...

I think the print on the fist dress is cute also! The like those two colors printed together, however I have not seen this dress at an H&M in my area yet. I found some great printed dress in my area though by searching on Theres a boutique in my area called Dish that has very cite print dresses!

Anonymous said...

that head wrap is not the fucking business, lookin like eyrkah circa bag lady days!

Nico. said...

The guys clothing in this collection scared me.

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