Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spending YOUR Money: Crazy Hot Bags (Plus: A Slight Urban Outfitters UK Rant)

... That I would only buy with your money:
($250, Linne Pelle)
Actually, I'd spend my own $250 on this Linne Pelle Angie bag, but, to quote the venerable Lil Kim, "Why spend mine, when I could spend yours?"

($625, Rebecca Minkoff, Winknyc)
It's a little diaper bag-y, but I love it. Even though I hate diapers.

($855, Vegan Queen)
While I am neither, I am a fan of both vegans and queens. Still, I'm not sure why this "eco-luxury" bag is $855, let alone $85. Still, if you're paying...

... Next... Joanna Louca.
I, like Just My Cup of Tea, came across Joanna Louca's breathtaking, handwoven bags at Dear Fieldbinder the other day. I walked out empty-handed and heavy hearted after yet another case of pricetag-induced horror, but these hos is worth your doughs.


Makes the Chanel bow bag look like a downright snore, nu?
All bags from JoannaLouca.com, which is soooo Flash-intensive. Check the site for where to buy. Can't deal?

(Apprx $556 USD, Joanna Louca, Urban Outfitters UK)

(Apprx $418 USD, Joanna Louca, Urban Oufitters UK)
It's called "Spending YOUR Money" for a reason!

And while I'm on the topic of British Urban Outfitters -- HOLY FUCK! WHY ARE YOU SO FAR SUPERIOR TO US URBAN OUTFITTERS!!!!!! Observe:

(Apprx $191 USD, Mogil, Urban Oufitters UK)

(Apprx $39 USD, Ollie & Nic, Urban Outfitters UK)
Those are ZEBRAS, people! With an eeensy COSMETICS case! UGH! So cute I could poach a baby polar bear cub! Even your unnecessary crap is better than our unnecessary crap!

(Apprx $329 USD, Lotus Hallmark, Urban Outfitters UK)
Even your hot hooker heels are hotter than our hot hooker heels!

(Apprx $562 USD, Vivienne Westwood, Urban Outfitters UK)
Even your obscenely overpriced shoppers are better than our obscenely overpriced shoppers! Oh well. I'll console myself with our weak-ass dollar. EVERYTHING'S CHEAPER!


Jessica said...

these bags especially the first one is stunning. I love thecolor so much.

I am going to be putting together the New York insert of the September Issue of Design for Mankind. Are you interested in being involved?

shopaphilia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shopaphilia said...

Well, TLo, if you do decide to spend yours, you should know that the code XAP40 gives you $40 off $200+ purchase (expires April 30th).

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