Monday, April 14, 2008

Spending YOUR Money: Philip B Truffle Conditioner

And now, it's time for a feature that will heretofore be referred to as "Spending YOUR Money" -- as in, things that I would gladly buy... with YOUR money. Get it?

($75, Philip B)
At $75 per 6 oz, Philip B White Truffle Nourishing Hair Conditioning Creme is SUPER pricey for a hair product. But here's the thing: it fucking empowers your scalp to grow ACTUAL TRUFFLES, which you can then harvest and sell at a premium. So, with the price of truffles having risen up to $3,500 a pound, the $75 is really just an investment in a lucrative future! Bonus: really gorge hair! Another unforeseen benefit: just sprinkle some head-grown truffles over some Kraft Easy Mac and voila -- your very own DIY version of Waverly Inn's now-$85 mac and cheese with truffles. (Grr, inflation! Because $55 for mac and cheese was SO much more reasonable!)

But back to Philip B's pricey fungus-infused conditioning creme: the site doesn't tell you much about it except that it contains amino acids (it'd better!) and "restores intense moisture and repair without weighing down your hair!" Um, for $75, I except a BIT more copy!

Only two Makeup Alley users and two Total Beauty users reviewed it; one of the former effused "
the best hair I have ever had, It's just so gorgeous and lush!," while one from the latter claimed "meh."

I think I'll hedge my bets for a more middle-of-the-road option:
($27, Philip B,
Philip B Chocolate Milk Body Wash -- still a bit pricey, but ultimately, I'd probably rather smell like Quik than 'shrooms.

BTW: Because surely you were DYING of curiosity, this is what Philip B looks like -- a well-coiffed cross between Ty from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Fabio.
Now, Philip, bro, MOVE! THAT! BUS!


Ashley said...

Those products just sound yummy.

suzy. said...

i use the chocolate milk body wash and it is great! so yummy.

eye4style said...

Ok, I'll own up. I've totally tested the White Truffle Shampoo. Hated it. Didn't do anything good for my hair and the smell was awful.

The Leave In Conditioner from this line is the bomb diggity though.

That is all!

Joky said...

Philip B White Truffle Nourishing Hair Conditioning Creme is smell great! its very natural.i think its the best treatment to my scalp...i love its a lot.
and Philip B`s shower products are cool,i have many friends love the Chai Latte Soul & Body Wash,its smell wonderful..and make you feel body with power.
anyway , i have a lot Philip B`s products,like Shin-Shine, loving in conditioner,Nordic Wood One Step Shampoo,and Rejuvenating Oil..
its pricey,and worth it.

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