Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Tale of Two, If Not Sometimes Three, Mascaras

While MKHo may not be a beauty blogger, I am a little bit of one myself. Therefore, please enjoy a completely overlong post about one of my all-time favorite beauty products, mascara! Wee!

The other day, I was celebrating the fact that it was like 7p.m. on a Tuesday or something equally as irrelevant, and I impulsively decided I REALLY DESERVED to buy myself something. (Un-)fortunately I work about 30 seconds from a Sephora.

Due to the fact that, like a magpie, I am attracted to any and all forms of shiny packaging, I swooped down on Urban Decay's Big Fatty Mascara:
($19, Urban Decay)
The wand is basically the size of a fucking toilet bowl brush. Unfortunately, this mascara completely sucks. Nothing showed up at all. I even thought I'd perhaps gotten a faulty, dried-up one. I read a review somewhere that said this mascara is good for "the natural look," and I can only imagine that refers to the look of WEARING NO MASCARA AT ALL. I took advantage of Sephora's open-arms exchange policy -- you can return anything if you're not completely satisfied, which I wasn't. So I did!

In its stead, I got Diorshow:
($24, Dior, Macys)
Ah, the redoubted Diorshow. I was sooooo ready to believe the hype. And the first few tests, it was okay (maybe I just REALLY wanted to believe) -- it definitely lengthens -- but after a few repeated uses, BOOOO Dior! WTF? J'clump!!! Definitely a lot of thick coverage, but zero separation -- it did that thing where it made major clumps at the center of my lashes and then made them look stringy-string-McStrung-out at the tips. Boo for reals.

Oh, and before I forget:
+ Free shipping over $25 at Sephora with promo code B388C2, through April 30.
Also, did you know you can return any and all beauty products to CVS if you're not feelin' it? It's true!

Anyway, back to the mascara:
... So, just yesterday, my sister came to visit. Every time we see each other after having not seen each other for months, we first act a'fool about how much we wuv each other. Then, we go into giddy-overdrive mode over mascara. She reminded me how much she loves CoverGirl's Lash Blash (the one that looks like a small orange sex toy), and I was so glad she did:
($6.79, CoverGirl, CVS)
Huge, right? But even more importantly, hugely effective. It's perfect on its own (after a few coats of course -- please stop kidding yourself if you think any one mascara can do it all in just one coat. Do you give your walls JUST ONE coat of paint? No. Unless you're a crappy slacker.) or as a base -- I'd also completely forgotten my own trick -- find a great separating mascara, use it as a base to hit as many individual hairs as possible that the slightly clumpier mascaras can't deal with, and then layer with a bolder mascara over that. Yeah, it's a little extra time, but so is dealing with those crappy lash brushes which never really end up working.

But, you don't have to take my word for it -- some Lash Blash reviews:
+ Makeup Alley
+ Makeup Moxie
+ Makeup Minute
+ The Makeup Girl <---- impressive before and after photo!
I also remembered how much I like MAC's Zoom Lash mascara: ($11, MAC)
A VERY thick (think mud) mascara. For $11, t'aint (hee) bad, but I don't advise it on its own -- instead, use it as a top coat over a solid separating mascara like Maybelline's Define-A-Lash, which is the Bentley Continental GT of separating but the mid-to-late '80s LeBaron of volumizing:

PS: Non-sequitur, yes, and I know I'm like the 23rd person to tell you this today, but Muxtape is awesome.


jozette said...

I love LashBlast! I am a total sucker for packaging and this mascara got me hook line and sinker. The orange brush was what I think did it. But it's by far my favorite mascara - probably the best I've ever used.

JPinOH said...

Ever try Lancome Definicils? It probably isn't the best volumizer, but it separates nicely and isn't clumpy. I may have to try the CG stuff soon, though!

Fabulista said...

Hands down most hilar review of mascaras I've ever read. EVER. I JUST received my famed Lash Blast yesterday and LOVE it already.

Leti said...

I agree about Dior Show I think it's spot at the top of the Sephora mascara pyramid is a scam. I got lash blast free is a gift bag and I wasn't that impressed. To me the best mascara by far forever is L'oreal Voluminous. I don't understand why anyone uses anything else.

Julie said...

I tried the lash blast once and it was just kind of messy and super liquid-y, sadly. But I LOVE last exact, the purple one. That thing is a miracle worker, I swear.

Robin said...

J'adore this post! I, too, like Julie, think I love lash exact better than lash blast, but love volume couture (max factor?) more than everything.

Robo said...

Wow, a diss on the Dior? That's a first. I totally swear by it, and it usually doesn't clump if I wipe off the end of the wand. Maybe I shouldn't talk, though, because I have long lashes to begin with. However, a good wiggle at the base does wonders, and you won't need more than two coats. Might have to try out this Lash Blast business though.

Btw, I love your writing style and the blog!

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