Wednesday, May 14, 2008

20% off Sale Shiz at J. Crew

Go now, they don't lie. The stuff, it goes quick! Here's what I snagged:

Cherry-print halter bikini, $16 total. One can't go on vacation without buying a new swimsuit, right? Even if one is deathly afraid of jellyfish and might not actually submerge in the ocean? I thought so.

"Franky" silk cami in lots of gorgeous juicy colors, $23.99.

Python-print silk tank, $15.99. I think this might scratch my snakeskin itch, for now.

And for now, that's all she wrote!


threadtrend said...

cute bikini. yeah, it's true, that stuff flies off the page. get the cashmere immediately!

Fashion Ivy said...

very cute bikini. love it

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