Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cute Spring Things + Rogan For Target

Springy things you should buy... some of which I have bought!

($115, Casch Copenhagen,
Sporty but femme but not SUPER boring either. Wee!

($69, Shoes for Lovely People,
If these Shoes For Lovely People flats from my beloved Mod Cloth aren't the absolute embodiment of spring, then I certain just do not know what is.

($34, Steve Madden)
Bought these Steve Madden "Skiip" cut out flats on super sale in-store the other day. Also got them in black. Since I'm vehemently opposed to flip-flops and most sandals, these will make a great alternative and a nice change of pace to when I get temporarily sick of ballet flats.

($40, Stila, Sephora)
True, the topic is SPRING products, and this is Stila's Summer Eye Shadow Palette, but I can't help getting ahead of myself when faced with the "Sun" shade -- the peachy one at the far right. NEED!!!

($11, I'm Your Present, Etsy)
Girlie-kitsch Etsy seller I'm Your Present always has the raddest shit ever, like these vintage unicorn earrings. And if they're all sold out, it's because I just bought this pair from her the other week, and they're even better in real life. So, sorry suckahs! But do check out her other stuff too.

($44.99, Rogan for Target)
Ooh, so I went to the Rogan for Target media event at Barney's the other night. Like the collaboration itself, it was... weird. I mean... it's Target stuff... at Barney's... (more on that weirdness at WWD), and aside from the few animal graphic t-shirts that looked like H&M fare
and other animal print stuff that I didn't love, there were some good, basic safari-style pieces, and some simple yet sophisticated bits, like the plaid linen jumper above. I didn't get that, but I did get the plaid linen top:

($26, Rogan for Target)
Oh, and I saw Gregory Rogan at the event. He was cute. Fashionindie has an interview with him. And I saw Waris Ahluwalia and Simon Doonan, who could fit in the above model's pocket. And Diane Kruger, who's very goddesslike, if she's your idea of a goddess. Some other famous, skinny, and famous and skinny people who I didn't recognize were there too.

The eco-friendly collection hits almost all Target stores May 18. Go stock up on the loose, highly layerable tanks, like so:


jozette said...

I loooooooove those Shoes For Lovely People. They are simply wonderful. Must have now.

The DJ said...

which location did you get your steven maddens at?

Tamron Lohan said...

the 34th st/ herald square location.

Fashion Ivy said...

I love the Shoes For Lovely People and the unicorn earrings

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...


Tamron Lohan said...

catherine ashley: they have them on the steve madden site on sale for $34, and on zappos, but inexplicably, they're like $84 there. :<

Poster Girl said...

I adore the unicorn earrings. I'll definitely be checking out the Rogan line as soon as my Target store get it in.

ambika said...

I *never* like open toed shoes but those yellow ones are pretty cute.

Grace said...

I loved this entry! I linked to it on my blog. :)

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