Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Proliferation of Payless Cuteness!

I haven't stepped foot inside of a Payless (get it? GET it?) for quite some time, but I'm definitely seeing cuteness online, both within their designer collections and "pedestrian" stuff (har).

($17.99, Payless)
I know. I can't believe I'm coming close to condoning something that comes close to being gladiator-esque, but I like that these don't overdo it with extraneous strappage. And the single diagonal strap is flattering, expeshully if you gots the wide feets.

($35, alica + olivia, Payless)
I really loathe a square heel, however, (don't you love how everything comes with apprehension?), I applaud the loud, fun colors. Someone out there could rock these. I ain't volunteering though. (Note: that someone also probably wears way more makeup than I do and tucks her penis... but that's cool!)

($21, American Eagle, Payless)
Cute, innocuous boat shoes in a variety of colors. And why spend a lot when you know they're gonna need to be tossed due to rank-ness at the end of the summer, you knows?

($19.99, Payless)
If you're gonna own/ wear all-white shoes, they may as well be fun and slightly slutty! Also cute like so:

Oh, but Payless, you'll giveth and you'll taketh away with that very same hand. Vile.

... But... more cuteness: check out the proposed looks for the Fall '08 alice + olivia for Payless collection (photos via Nitrolicious):

More here at Nitrolicious... And check out their coverage of the Abaete for Payless collection, which I might like even more:


The Jet Set Girls said...

I wonder if Payless shoes kill your feet as bad as Target's "designer" shoes. My girlfriend wore a pair of Target's out one night and through them in the dumpster on the way home. Of course, at these prices, they're almost disposable!

doozy said...

I just got some of those boat shoes, they are DELIGHTFUL.

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