Friday, June 27, 2008

Britain's Next Top What Now???

Wow. I have had a quite an Internet day. Earlier today I fell in utterly horrorstruck pity-laughing-love with Chase No Face, the sadly disfigured cat who has his own blog. And now...this.

I don't even know how to respond to this, but the British have created a new reality show: "Britain's Missing Top Model." Which might at first sound like a poor attempt at plagiarism. "Missing" as a synonym for "next"? Not very smooth. But what are they missing, in fact? Limbs, mostly. That's right: This is basically Britain's Next Top Disabled Model. I laughed in disbelief when I heard this, but it's TOTALLY REAL. Ugh. There's fun Tyra-enabled camp, and then there's the truly depraved, exploitative and icky, and this is the latter. Not that being disabled is gross or horrific or laughable or any of that, but do these people need to be wheeled down the catwalk? I'd say the answer is a pretty clear no. There are far better ways to humanize the disabled rather than, uh, "making it fashion." Who'da thunk America would come out looking like the tasteful one in the reality-TV game?


shoppingsmycardio said...

oh. my. god...that cat has no FACE!

that has to be the freaking weirdest thing i've ever seen. and yes, utter horrorstruck pity/love...that's about right. wow.

Caro said...

This is a little disappointing. Why shouldn't non-traditional beauty be involved in fashion? How many blonde blue-eyed girl-next-doors do you need? Whether the show is exploitative remains to be seen.

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

That's exactly the line they'd like you to buy. It's inherently exploitative, though, isn't it?

fashioN said...

Sal said...

Seems pretty exploitative to me. On one hand, these women should be able to model if they've got the drive and the skills. Obviously. But in an industry that is yet to accept models larger than a size 2, can we really believe that contestants on Britain's Missing Top Model will have rewarding careers post-show? It's certainly the contestants' choice to participate, but I find the show's concept rather cruel.

Anonymous said...

Not having seen the show yet, I surmised that the premise was to showcase the disabled as beautiful and capable, while having the public get used to seeing the models "flaws". It's not polite to stare, but most of us are amazed by what an amputee, or wheelchair bound person, looks like, or how they move, what they are capable of or not, etc.

It would be nice to have this type of acceptance for everyone, particularly our young male and female Veterans, who are increasing in number every day. These so called "disabled" Vets are returning to their non-combat lives and learning how to live their new life; whether it is to continue in their military service or return to civilian life. It's an extremely rough transition, and I think in particular if you are a young female in our society.

Consider this show as an acceptable and closeted form of staring while also educating the public in the privacy of their home. The models must have considered this prior to agreeing to go on the show, especially since they've already had more than their share of public staring, or worse yet, people who look away upon approach.
It has the potential to be the equivalent of what Ellen did for the gay/lesbian movement back in the day with her sitcom. It's coming out and educating the public in a different venue, other than a public service announcement or an after school special.

Depending on the format of the show and how it is handled; I think this could be a beneficial experience to the public and extremely gratifying to the models.
What else could they have named the show? "Britain’s Next Face, minus legs and arms"? Although I will admit the title sounds as though they are scourging milk cartons for the next "It Girl"

Katie Louise Harker said...

You have got this completely wrong, I am from England and have seen the show and understand the concept of it, which you seem to have missed or have completely ignored.
We have Britain's next top model and ANTM and they are both incredibly popular, this new show is not trying to 'copy' them at all.

Britains MISSING top model is merely an experiment to see if a beautiful girl with a disability could be capable of joining the fashion world, its all about tackling prejudice.
They are trying to change the views of people like you who think they 'need to be wheeled down the catwalk'

Please don't try to review a program without actually watching it or understanding what it's about.
You said you don't know how to respond to it, well, how about don't?!

Beauty confessional said...

Hey ,
I mentioned this post in my post about Britains Missing Top Model. The show definitely is controversial and I am sure it has/will get a ton of press because its venturing where no show has gone before.

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