Sunday, June 15, 2008

Comfy, Cute, CHEAP! + The Scourge of Kira Plastinina

Can I just rename this blog "Comfy, Cute, Cheap?"

I'd like to be wearing this right about nows:
($31, Lulu's)
Why can't Lulu's start sprouting brick-and-mortars, instead of those deplorable Kira Plastinina shops that are popping up all over NYC like fashion cancer? Now I know that's a harsh, semi-unfeeling thing to say, but I stopped into the Kira Plastinina in Soho the other week just to check it out and I was absolutely appalled. Both the store and the (appropriately) plastic and poly pieces looked like someone fed a bunch of off-brand Bratz dolls after midnight, and they shellacked a Deb with glitter and newspaper, hung a plastic chandelier and called it a store. Real REAL bad. Normally I shamelessly embrace opportunities others might find embarrassing (I love a good story), but I ducked out there absolutely horrified someone might see me.

Also, I DO NOT believe that bullshit probably-PR story that that chick is really 15 and some frozen OJ magnate's daughter. She's probably 47 and his half sister or something. Gross all the way around.

Anyway, Lulu's, if you're reading this, come to NYC. But first... TOPSHOP!


Sal said...

Hahaha. Jealous beyond words about Topshop, and equally relieved that Minneapolis will remain Plastinina-free.

Anonymous said...

I really like that jumpsuit, wish the weather was a little better in London to enable us to wear them!

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ps love your blog!

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