Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random Hump Night Binges

Y'all, first of all, my sincerest apolomagies for not Binging as hard or efficiently as I have in the past. I've been blogging my ass off for work, and while my heart remains in the Binge, work, well, pays the bills. Ah tries mah hardest to come up with some fun, semi-thoughtful and cohesive, subject-driven posts with lots of fun shit to look at/ buy/ dream about, but that's the Type A-er in me. At the risk of creating Bingeorexia and leaving you starving without much Binge at all, perhaps I should try being more Type B and just throw some shit up there? Your thoughts in the comments -- less frequent posts with more ZING or more frequent with less ZIP, if you will?

Okay, that said, here are three random Binge wants on this Hump Night (the night OF hump day, and not, to say, a night during which I'm humping, because I'm not, because I'm blogging. Ew. "Humping" is gross but funny!)

($99, Anthropolgie)
Oh, Anthro, you heartless, overpriced little bitch. Your sales are hardly even. Yet you keep drawing me back in.

($140, Nine West)
My ongoing love affair with grey heels continues. These are perfect summer shoes (with easy warm-to-cool seasonal conversion capabilities!) and almost have a Chie Mahara feel. But cheaper!

($175, Brian Bowie, Refinery29)
This messenger bag is supposed to be for guys (which fulfills one of my Type A goals of doing more men's stuff on the bolg), but I'd rock dat. Each bag is handmade by designer Bryan Bowie (best last name ever!!!! besides Rockwell) and thoughtfully comes with a detachable laptop case. Noice! They're supposed to be available at Bowie's site,, but that site looks like it's slightly busted, so yell at Refinery29 and not me, k?


shoppingsmycardio said...

ooh, excellent call on the nine west heels! the gladiator pump trend is making me a little ill, but i love that these are taking a tiny bit of style from that trend but making it unique. plus, i'm with you - i'm so into grey this year!

Owner of this space ;) said...

lovelovelove the nine west heels :) xx

Caro said...

i like less quantity more quality personally. and I love those grey heels!

Jessie said...

Ok. Just read my very first posts on Fashion Binge, and I am already running to the comment box!

I found you through Jozette at Regardez Moi, and I love your blog so far! Definitely a return binger.

The heels are incredible (can't get any better than a Chie Mahara look-a-like!) and I am obsessed with gray right now.

You are hilarious, and I'll be back.

Pamcasso said...

really really want those shoes!!

rachel said...

I like the messenger bag. The gray looks softer than it probably is.

kyutie said...

hi! wow.. those shoes are to die for.. thanks for the great info about them.

take care,

ambika said...

Those shoes are fantastic! And yes, so Chie Mihara.

Kristy said...

Oh, those Nine West heels are going to haunt me in my sleep. They are shoe-dreams realized!

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