Friday, June 27, 2008

In Praise of Rubber Shoes

I have a confession to make: I recently considered purchasing some Crocs ballet flats. I know. Please hold your tomatoes; I didn't do it. I wanted something easy to bike around in, wear to the beach, in the rain, whatever. I wanted comfort, and as we all know from all the Crocs lovers out there, comfort is Crocs. However, cuteness is decidedly NOT Crocs. Even these are just barely acceptable.

But then last night, on a lovely stroll around my neighborhood, I popped in to the new fashiony store Epaulet. Lured by the gorgeous iridescent shell trinket boxes, I stayed for the jelly shoes and, truthfully, the conversation. Owner Mike was just as nice as can be, genuine and helpful in a nonpushy way. I was drawn to these fuchsia jellies, and basically was cheered into purchasing them before I could stop to reconsider paying $55 for rubber shoes.

Melissa + Campana jelly ballet flats, $55. Much cuter than Marc Jacobs's! Made by the original Brazilian jelly-maker, for whatever that's worth. I can attest to their supreme comfort, thankfully, and utter cuteness.

Epaulet, by the way, is a very cute, well-curated shop, with a burgeoning men's section and cheap framed photos to go along with all the pretty dresses and little trinkets. And of course, the selection of rubber shoes. Check out more awesome Melissa varieties.


lsaspacey said...

But did you look at the Croc Alice mary-janes? Everyone misses the Alice ones, now those are cute AND comfortable, only $35 too.

Vicky said...

I have those Croc ballet flats in black and I love them... they are comfy and I don't worry about getting them dirty like I worry about other flats/heels I own. I live in VT and I always end up stepping in mud no matter how dry the day. Plus, they are normal looking enough to wear to my casual office. All good qualities.

One bad thing: they fart with each step if your feet get the least bit sweaty or wet. Lovely.

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