Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things I Need to Own Right This Minute!!

Let's cut to the chase for lots of indie designers, cheap shoes, hot black jeans to make your ass look even hotter, and a classy one-piece bathing suit:
($44, Rotter and Friends,
Reminds me a little of Built By Wendy. I love the simple '70s-style line drawing on heather grey. More Rotter and Friends here.

($438, Knox,
Nevermind the fact that this Knox bag, by Brooklyn designer Jessica Maxcy, looks like it weighs about 30 pounds alone. I still love it. Check out her Romanov bag too.

($216, Moss Mills)
Horsey cuff by Moss Mills (really Korean designer Hae.) I can't decide if I like it better in brass (pictured above) or gold. It's pricey but use discount code "lucky" for a whopping 30% off! Woo!

($75, Whitehorse Couture,
Speaking of horsies, this vintage-looking oversized neon tee by Whitehorse Couture looks like the type of top you won't want to take off for days.

($154, Hudson,
Hudson Jeans' new Stella Skinny Poplin jean in black ties it all together. Bonus: they're STTTTRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEETCHY!

(Apprx $27 USD,
Cutey cute cute little bowed flats from the UK's Office (the shoe store, not the show.)

(Apprx $29,
Ahoy, sailor! Cute little casual anchor-print espadrilles. Kinda Sanuk-meets-Toms, which is actually a good thing in this case.

($14, Fred Flare)
I personally can't sleep with a sleep mask on, but were that I could, I would so wear this. The gold piping and blue satin remind me of those creepy royal puppets who'd crawl out of Mr. Rogers' walls to visit him from the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

($21 for the top, $21 for the bottoms,
Forgive the fact that it's a knock-off of a suit seen on Paris Hilton -- I love the bright colors, simple style and dip dye.

($158, Carmen Marc Valvo, Bloomingdale's)
With all that kitsch, I had to throw in something classy and cool, like this Carmen Marc Valvo bandeau one-piece in lavender.

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+ Admire all the pretty pretty beauties at Grayburn.
+ Watch this crazy lady from Big Brother nearly unload one over the idea of eating a cookie.


Grayburn said...

Hello! Your list is fantastic! That bag is a standout and I have to have that t-shirt.

I also need to have that mascara from Kohl's. Too bad we don't have that store here in europe. That really is the coolest brush I've ever seen!

x Grayburn

Eve said...

Thanks for posting this... Of coarse had to buy those jeans and then after looking at the website I then HAD to buy this skirt, check the cute pockets and prey they discover a way that I can grow money in my backyard:

trend de la creme said...

mr. rogers = nightmares tonight


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