Friday, June 20, 2008

One Good Pair of Gladiators That Aren't Even Really Gladiators did a feature on gladiators. I actually liked several of the pairs they picked, but that's probably because they cast a really wide net on their interpretation of gladiators. They're more gladiator-inspired picks. My favorite pair:
($225, Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti,
Love the coral color and neutral earthy beige.

And now back to two more offenders:

($198, Tristan Blair, Gargyle)
These will go perfectly with that loin cloth and shield I'm so fond of.

($195, Gracienne)
There's just no excuse.


karen said...

I've totally seen girls on the street lately wearing those knee high type gladiators. It always makes me do a double take. Are they kidding with those? Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I'm not too crazy about those long gladiators either..I just bought a cute short pair though..from this website ShopGoldyn..its a really great site for fashion lovers!

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