Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mary-Kate Olsen Cops My Alexandra Cassaniti Steeze Only Because She's Richer Than Me

Damn you, Mary-Kate. You've totes been reading Fashion Binge, haven't you?
I Binged about this amazing '80s-inspired Alexandra Cassaniti bag back in March:
Dudes, we're practically the same person, Mary-Kate and I. We like the same totes, and I'm ALWAYS photographed going up the stairs of my LUXE townhouse, overwhelmed by the weight of Jimmy Choo bags. If by Jimmy Choo bags you mean "CVS or Key Foods bags." And those photographs totally end up on Websites dedicated to me, if by "end up on Websites dedicated to me," you mean "not at all."

Speaking of Alexandra Cassiniti, WTF is going on with this house-of-horrors shrunken head necklace:
($264, Alexandra Cassiniti,
I mean, seriously, I'm a proponent of pretty-ugly, but this thing looks like a fucking malignant teratoma and/or a victim of a ritual killing. No want. And "made with love"? What? More like made under the dark spell of witchcraft. Eek.

Stuff I do want from The Good The Bad and the Ugly:
($378, Unearthen,
I'm not usually into bullets nor crystals (they're both kind of offense to me), but for some reason, the combination of both kinda works here. More on Gia Baum, Unearthen's braintrust, here and here.

($196, Julie Cochard,
The widdle smilers have on sungwasses! Killin' me with cutes!!! Also, holy crap, The Good The Bad and the Ugly is closing its brick-and-mortar shop. Boo! They're having a sale until 7pm tonight, so, in the words of Oleta Adams, get (t)here if you can.


Cecilia said...

i love the bullet necklace, and the tote. now if only i had the money

Sal said...

EEP. I think that shrunken head might have real human teeth embedded.

Sara Millionaire said...

I really love that bullet necklace. I don't normally like bullet-themed stuff or crystals either (even though I like target shooting and some of my girlfriends are incense-burning, crystal-loving new-agers!) but the combo is amazing. something about the juxtaposition of materials, I guess. too bad it's out of my price range!

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