Monday, March 24, 2008

Totes Bag Lust: Alexandra Cassaniti's Tote Lust

($220, Alexandra Cassaniti)
Lusting por this graffiti-goes-glam tote. The pink-eye isosceles and scalenes remind me of the Vuarnet logo deconstructed. (Via Coolhunting.)

Here's a super-duper ghetto option, if you need easy, breezy toteage:
($14.95/ dozen, Oriental Trading)

BTW, I read somewhere that Vuarnet was relaunching, but I can't find any Internet proof to corroborate. Oh well.

It's actually '80s surf-n-skate brand Maui & Sons that's making a comeback. At Opening Ceremony, natch. I was feeling down on myself for my fruitless Googling -- I was seriously doubting my Internet prowess! Until I saw a dude last night wearing a Maui & Sons shirt and it hit me that I'd had my '80s sport Tees mixed up. Phew.


trendinista said...

Oooh, I'm all over the super-duper ghetto option. BTW, I HATE fat Jared Leto :(

JPinOH said...

Team up that jacket with some Oakleys and a sweet Hypercolor t-shirt and you're good to go, Saved By The Bell style.

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