Sunday, August 24, 2008

Laptop Bags That Aren't Super Nerdy

Just because YOU'RE a computer nerd (yay!) doesn't mean you have to carry a totally nerded-out laptop bag. I'm currently in the market for a good one, because the Targus ones just ain't cutting it.

Soooo today in Andie Woo on Smith Street, I saw a bag that only reiterated my extreme need for an extremely cute laptop bag. Observes:
Soooooo cute, right? I'd carry this "Danielle" bag around as a regular bag too. By the way, I guess the brand was called Mixx but now it's called Hoyden Life, but my inquiries to both have bounced back. Weird. But, most importantly, you can still buy their stuff. Yay.

($122, Mixx,
The "Megan" bag. Adorable.

($265, Mat & Nat)
Vegan bag line Mat & Nat has totally swankified their sitch. This bag is actually from their men's line, but we'll just let that be our little secret.

($34, Fred Flare)
Not officially a laptop bag, but if you've got a real light and lovely one, like, say, a Macbook Air, you could carry it in this cuteness. My Acer -- which I refer to as the Acer of Base -- however, weighs about as much as a refrigerator, so a lightweight bag such as this might cause me a bit of scapular distress if I tried to carry my compootah in it.

Anyway, point is, those Mixx/ Hoyden Life bags are where it be.


Sal said...

They ARE. Tho I do love me some Matt & Nat.

Amber said...

Doll, I can't believe it. I ALSO rock out on an Acer. Which I'm obv referring to as the Acer of Base immed.


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