Monday, October 27, 2008

Binge Beauty Buy: Laura Mercier's Black Gold Kohl Eye Pencil

($19, Laura Mercier, Sephora)
Laura Mercier's kohl eye pencil in "Black Gold" is one of my favey fave new (to me) prodz. It's a really light, subtle eye enhancer with nary a trace of Scary Mary trannybot, which is good because it ain't that kinda party. It's more of a light brassy bronze than either black or gold, and while it's referred to as a kohl, you most defs won't be getting a Cleopatra eye out of this. Like I said: just nice-n-easy prettiness you could even get away with during the day. Like that?

Coincidentally, one of my new favorite videos is CALLED "Black and Gold," and it's by Sam Sparro, who uses his powers for sexy, not evil. It's like an updated Falco but hawter.

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