Monday, October 27, 2008

Sweater I Need RIGHT This Second! Animal Bandido At Fred Flare!

It should be much more than obvious why I NEED this rainbow bright reversible magic pyramid sweater. It's $95, but really $47.5 per side when you think about it! It's by Barcelona brand Animal Bandido, and it's available at Fred Flare, where you can also read a lil moar about the brand.

It's like a cotdamn Tom Tom Club video come to LYF!

Also, I went to check out the opening of Fred Flare store in Greenpoint, and it was like retail Disney -- the happiest place on earth! And speaking of Disney, I picked up this Disney treasure chest ring for $44 -- I'd wanted it for forever:

($44, Disney Couture, Fred Flare)
I love it so much I slept in it...

... And I got these denture ice cube trays!
($10, Fred Flare)
So necessary! So best!

Oh yeah, Fred Flare ALSO carries JONATHAN ADLER products! LOVE! Come holidaze, I'll be goin' crazy bonkers coconuts bananas shopping there. Especially shopping for MEEEEEEE!!!! WEEE!


chris said...

viva tamar!!!

Save it for your iVillage blog, Lemon said...

Oh! I got those teethy ice cube trays for the boyfriend -- they are the best! And even better w/ whiskey.

Sal said...

Oy. That sweater hurts my brainz. But I can so get behind the purchase of that ring. Love it!

Grayburn said...

I love the black & gold song too! That ice tray is hillarious and I love that ring! What treasures you've dug up!


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