Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gap: Everything Must Go!?

On the boot-cut heels of The Gap's recent announcement they'll be closing more U.S. locations to instead focus on retail locations abroad and that they're cutting TV ad dollars (yet again) to focus online, I passed a Gap on Fifth Avenue tonight (I think it was the one at East 53rd), and either they were revamping and getting ready for the holidays, or they were stripping the place down to the hangers:

Coincidentally, I just tried accessing, and it was down for maintenance. Where will we get our most boring, severely overpriced white button-downs and Blockbuster Video khakis?

* In other shitty U.S. economic news, this Onion headline is pretty much the fucking gospel: Dollar Bill On Floor Sends Wall Street Into Frenzy.


Grayburn said...

Oh no! I love Gap t-shirts and they are where I always go to when I'm in the US or Canada.


Jozette said...

Ha! I saw that Onion headline, too and it made me giggle. I love the Onion.

Anonymous said...

Have you actually been into a Gap recently?
Might be surprised by what Patrick Robinson has done for the women's line.

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