Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Three Cool Coats (And One Ridiculous One)

As Tamron so astutely noted, it's effin' cold out! I need a new coat. One of these, maybe?

Soia & Kyo zigzag wool coat, $380. Love the big ol' asymmetrical collar, which might helpfully render a scarf moot. Soia & Kyo actually make a ton of cool coats — enough to warrant their own post, even. Stay tuned!

Tahari wool melton walking coat, $135.90. I love the straight lines and the unusual emerald color. And it's on sale, whee! I might get this....

Guess by Marciano barrel-shape coat, $148. Love the little feminine touches, like the slightly poufy shoulders and front pleats. Alas, even the model doesn't look too excellent in it, so it's a bit suspect.

And now, for the stupidest "coat" ever created:

Convertible wool jacket, $135.90. No designer, apparently, because no one wants to put their name on it. To be fair, it does have a detachable (attachable) bottom half...

...but who in their right mind wants to walk around in a coat this cropped? As the description notes: "Individualist." Yeah, that's it.


Sal said...

Come over here and shake me, but I kinda like the wacky convertible coat. Sure, it's a bizarro idea ... but both the shortie and longie versions appeal.

Good thing I'm in the middle of a shopping ban, ain't it?

Grayburn said...

Haha, a designerless coat. I get so cold so only a full size coat can protect me. So I'm going to have to agree with you.


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