Saturday, October 11, 2008

Redonukulous Beacon's Closet Scores!

While waiting about 14 bajillion hours the other day at the Park Slope Beacon's Closet for the girls to go through my potential sales (can't blame them -- economy sucks, everyone be sellin' their shit!), I poked around and then I FUCKING! SCORED!

First, I nearly asphyxiated on the spot when I unearthed this Hayden-Harnett black cardigan with leather epaulets (I guess you'd call 'em that?) and leather tipped belt tie. Wait wait... let me repeat that... It's a black Hayden-Harnett cardigan with leather epaulets and leather tipped belt tie. For... $24. AMERICAN dollars. Yes. I did. I did that. I really did. I did that.

Now it's got a little bit of pilling on the sides, to be sure, and it's got a few errant fuzz balls, but a trip to the cleaners (where it's currently residing), should clear that up, and soon it'll be living a brand-new life, just like this vintage Sasoon jacket, which is the happiest little jacket (except I got Red Mango on it, so it's currently at the cleaners too). Otherwise the cardi's in TIPPY TOP shape and fits like a glove. Actually, it's a TEENSY bit tight, but hopefully some desperately needed better eating habits will avail me of that distress in general. Anyway, I'm happy as a pig in shet. The leather epaulets look especially sick.

THEN I found this super fun Luella top:

$14 for a fun, Pink Ladies-style button-down with a weird print of skulls that look like a bizarre amalgam of jockeys and hot air balloons. It doesn't close over my ample-chestedness, but I can easily wear it with a black shirt underneath for almost-maxium cuteness. Yay!

So between those and the $9 pair of turquoise wayfarers I picked up, everything was about $47, which was about what my traded-in clothes came to, and they ended up paying me like 14 cents or something. Wee! Of course, it'll all be for naught if that amazing Hayden-Harnett cardi has bed bugs or something. Then I'll really be fucked, y'awl.

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christine said...

wow, consider me jealous. I'd pay big bucks for those totally scored. If I didn't have such a deep hatred for buy/sell shops, I'd be inspired to go search for myself!!

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