Sunday, October 12, 2008

FashionBinge Beauty Dupe: MAC's Manish Arora Eyeshadow Versus Pop Beauty's Lid Neon

Every piece of MAC's new truly, truly, truly outrageously, brilliantly bright new Manish Arora collection sold out in a hot siggity second. A shame, sure, but most everything looked pretty much like Fafi and Heatherette ('specially the lipsticks and glosses) anyway, which just means they'll parlay these colors into a future collection faster than you can say "Layin' Low."

($38, MAC)
BUT, if you're tippin' toxic for the sold-out eyeshadow six-some, which is quite pretty, take a looksie daisy at Pop Beauty's Lid Neon palette:

($22, Pop Beauty, Sephora)
You don't get the bejeweled packaging or the muted yellow that MAC packs, but you do save $16. Which doesn't go far these days but doesn't mean you shouldn't still save! Even if it's just for Pop Beauty's amazing nail polish, whenever the hell it finally launches in the States!

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