Monday, October 06, 2008

Stila's Three New Talking Eye Palettes


Stila just announced the launch of three brand-new talking eye palettes, which I've displayed in order of my desire. I love the Complete Night to Day Look palette because it's got lip color too, and the middle one -- The Sapphires smokey eye palette -- looks beauts, but would it looks fearful with my already blue eyes? I don't know.

The Stila talking eye palettes are $40, and they really do have an actually little mini person in there who guides you through each step of creating a smoky eye. That said, despite Stila's best efforts and intentions, I STILL can't pull off this look without ending up looking like I stayed up for two weeks straight and then got punched in both eyes. Who, oh who, can show me the light?

Quasi-relevant video: The Real McCoy, "Another Night." (Get it? I "talk talk"? GET it?)

1 comment:

Robo said...

I guffawed at the "quasi-relevant video." Well done :)

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