Thursday, October 09, 2008

Things I Want and Do Not Want

Because sometimes fashion is just that simple.


Urban Renewal leather miniskirt, $48.

Brooklyn Industries cute swingy sweatshirt, $78.

Tretorn toggle rain boots, $154. 'Cept I hate rain boots because they're rubber and therefore make my shin skin sweat. NOT COOL!

Cheap Monday bow blouse, $75.

DV "Skye" pump, $74.95. I saw a similar pair, just the perfect rounded-toe pump, maybe a two-inch heel, in Shoe Market in Williamsburg. By Seychelles, I think. Should have tried on, didn't, etc. But I can't find it online! Inexplicable! These are pretty good, too, though.


Triple Five Soul harem pants, $34.95. Gee, I wonder why these are on sale? I love how they're sheer. All you need is baggy underpants to complete the look!

Jessica Simpson "Layla" pump, $55.27. Um.

Irregular Choice "Buckle My Shoe" pump, $97.27. Good ol' Irregular Choice. Still churning out utter crap. God love 'em!


Love, Raven said...

I want that bow blouse!!!

Elizabeth said...

I don't think I will ever understand 1) Harem pants 2) Jessica Simpson.
Glad they're on your don't want list!

Christian said...

I was never a big fan of the "drop-crotch" harem pants... I've only seen one person (out of what, millions?) that can pull them off, and even then they were a little iffy.

I suppose it was one trend that everyone thought was gonna spark last season that just never did, and I'm glad of it.

Christian van de Werken

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