Saturday, November 15, 2008

Alexis Bittar: Spring 2009 Preview

Brooklyn jewelry designer Alexis Bittar is one of those rare gems whose designs are so fantastic that I'd wear any or all of them... or even several pieces at once. Case in point: his '80s-inspired Risky Business brooches, which are part of his textured, highly tactile Lucite collection (his Lucite pieces are some of my favorites, and they're also impeccably designed yet indestructible), and his Deco-y parrots. Also, do NOT miss his stacks and stacks of gumdrop-colored Lucite bangles. I crave them all like candy... And below that, his tilda wood earrings from his Elements collection, and assorted icy, angular, and rose gold bangles. When I sleep tonight, I will dream about that white bangle with gold shards -- on the far right -- from the Miss Havisham collection. Alexis Bittar's Spring 2009 pieces are available January '09. Sweet Dreams!

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