Sunday, November 16, 2008

Am I Out Of My Skull?

For being intrigued by this REDONKULOUS pendant of a diamond-encrusted, pipe-smoking, eye-patch wearing skeleton. So, I guess he's a pirate, but a successful one because his head is made of 14-carat gold, his good eye and eye patch are made of 1.77-carat diamonds(ish), and he doesn't have to roll his own cigarettes -- he can afford his own bejeweled pipe, all of which is pretty awesome. All signs lead me to believe that skeleton pirate definitely has been spending plenty of time far away from American waters since he's rolling in so much skrill. Anyway, if YOU'RE rolling in lotsa skrill -- say, a treasure chest filled with $1,799.99, Ye Olde Skelly can be yours. Just follow Ye Olde eBay link...

...Or, if you're not Flo Rida, get the smoke-free Disney Couture "Captain Hook" version, which I've loved long time, at Dillard's for budget-conscious pirate price of $75.00:
($75, Disney Couture,
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