Friday, November 21, 2008

Bag Up Your Sample Sale Goodies In Yak Pak's Geometry Tote!

So, if you do go to ALL those sample sales this weekend, you're gonna need something to SCHLEP your haul in, no? Yes. Not no. YES.

Therefore, I HIGHLY recommend Yak Pak's funnnnn grey geometry Tara tote, which is basically the unofficial mayor of Adorbstown, which is just down the road aways from Affordability Junction. It's also made out of like the same stuff they build space shuttles out of, but softer. You could also use this as a laptop bag, diaper bag, gym bag, whatever. It's a free country!

One thing you are NOT free to do, however is carry this bag with Fred Flare's Animal Bandido sweater! OR ELSE!
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