Friday, November 14, 2008

Budget Binge Beauty Buy: Tropez Sunrise to Sunset Eyeshadow Palette In Olive Oasis

Drugstore beauty. Let's discuss: People, there is NOTHING wrong with buying your beauty products from the same place you buy your toilet bowl cleaner and tampons. I'm not saying you need to buy ALL of it there, or that you shouldn't save and splurge on a few must-have top-shelf items (like Armani's Face Fabric foundation or Napoleon Perdis Madame Curl Curl mascara) but you'd be straight foolin' not to test out similar shades in less expensive versions of the stuff you might want to upgrade to at Sephora. What I'm saying is, why pay $18 for a shade of shadow that looks LE HORBS on you when you could've just spent $2.79 on something AND possibly loved it just as much.

But obviously a lot of you guys know that since a.) you're smart shoppers, and b.) Duane Reade is in the black.

So, here's another on-the-cheap, less-is-more Binge-approved beauty buy I recently discovered and lurves: Tropez's Sunrise to Sunset eyeshadow palette in Olive Oasis!

(Tropez, $3.99, Walgreens)
I tried Olive Oasis just this morning, and seriously, not even lying, I like it just as much as the MAC and Prescriptives eyeshadows I usually use. It's richly pigmented, no skimpiness, lots of pop, and per this report, it stays on all day. And, one of the things I liked best -- there was almost no all-over-the-place residue, which is almost unheard of with luminescent glittery shadows. It's sold out on, but here's where you can find Tropez products (lotsa drugstores and stuff.)

Anyway, there are three other Tropez palettes, each with six shadows, and at $4 each, you could easily try them all -- and still have cash left over for Charmin. Yay!
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