Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Napoleon Perdis Peep Show Madame Curl Curl: No Other Mascara Will Ever Touch My Lashes Again

($25, Napoleon Perdis)
Run, don't walk, put your money where you mouse is, and buy this Australian mascara THIS INSTANT. Right this VERY instant. No. Not when you're done reading this post or through checking Jezebel. NOW. This instant. This is, wands down, the best mascara I've ever used, and I've tried a LOT of them, my friends. It goes on very wet and thick, and it's instantly visible. For reals, I've gotten compliments on my lashes, without even fishing for them. It's like it KNOWS me. You need this stuff. Worlds better than Benefit's Bad Gal or the tons of other junk-ass mascara I've blogged about, though I do still love Cover Girl's Lash Blash and would use it again in a pinch. But why, when I've got my Madame Curl Curl! Yay, me, and yay you if you get this stuff!

More on Napoleon Perdis -- he's a celebrity make-up artist dude, and he has a ton of stores in Australia, which does me little good. But, there are also 63 US locations that sell his miracle drugs (plus some concept stores in California but NONE in NYC! Booo!), and some Target and HSN collabos are slated to launch soon as well as a reality show on TLC, though I can't confirm that. You can also stock up at Sephora and Dermstore.com. Tell 'em Tamron sent ya!

** UPDATE: Grayburn, you're right -- I basically just shot my load all over this product without explaining WHY it's awesome. It basically goes on like a cross between Sharpie and Sherwin Williams, which is to say it's got the drama of permanent black marker with the wetness of paint. The curved brush also gets it all up in all your lashes (I do have to do the turn-and-edge thing, which is fine), and just a coat or two gits r done. MIRACLE OF MIRACLES! Seriously, this is the REAL DEAL EVANDER HOLYFIELD of mascaras. The ONLY issue I have is that it can be a little messy -- I definitely need to call upon my friend, Signor Q-Tip, to clean up a little on my upper lids when I'm done, but that could be the overzealousness with which I am applying. Like, seriously, remember when you were little and your mom bought sugar cereal and you were SO excited to go to sleep because when you woke up you knew you were gonna get to eat it? THAT's how I feel now about my mornings and putting on this mascara. (Unless I'm hung ovah.)

ALSO, apparently the products are no longer gonna be available at Sephora and are instead going to be at Ulta, and the Target NP SET is going to launch later this month. Yay!


Grayburn said...

Don't tempt me but what does this mascara do :) ?

x Grayburn

L said...

i am literally running out to buy this. i am a sucker for makeup plugs!!!!

Applesaucery said...

So I scooted on over to Dermstore and I'm looking at Madame Fantasia; volume is more attractive to me than curl--do you think it'll be just as good a product, or does Madame Curl Curl do enough volumizing with curl just an added bonus? I'd love to hear anything you have to say, cause my mascara's running out and I neeeeeds some more! : )

Grayburn said...

Oh gosh, that's the excuse I've been waiting for! I can now justify why I need this mascara..because I would love the sharpie blackness in a mascara. Now I need to figure out where to buy it in europe...

Thanks Tamron, this is a great review!

x Grayburn

Anonymous said...

This is a bit belated but I finally bought the Madam Curl Curl mascara and I love it! I waited until I was in San Francisco to pick it up since I didn't feel like paying for shipping to Canada.
Anyways it's awesome and totally worth the $25.
Thanks for keeping me in the beauty loop.

Tamron Lohan said...

hailee -- YAAY! :)

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