Sunday, November 30, 2008

Charley Harper For Old Navy -- Cute AND Affordable Baby Stuff!

Illustrator Charley Harper was known for his highly stylized, boldly graphic modern interpretations of wildlife. His work was so righteous that December 8, 2006 was declared "Charley Harper Day" by the mayor of Cincinnati. Harper passed away in 2007, but his work lives on not just in Cincinnati, but now in a series of beyond-sweet tees, toys, games and books at Old Navy.

Also, about 10 trillion of my friends are having babies, and they're all due around May. As one friend put it, it's like they all got together and had an orgy that we weren't invited to... thank God. Plus, key parties are SOOOOO '74. But I do LOVE me some soft snuggly babies and the accompanying cute baby things that go along with them, and these Charley Harper Old Navy items are no exception. They're precious, AND they're for the baby on a budget. And believe me, if I had a baby, it'd be on a budget. Because mama needs some new shoes, you know?

($10, Old Navy)

($10, Old Navy)

($9.50, Old Navy)
I GUESS babies need to learn and stuff. So they as well learn cute-ly and in a cute manner and fashion.

And, like, I'm no Dr. Spock or anything, but I just need to say, use condoms and stuff if you're NOT looking to have a baby, because as cute as they are, they DO get in the way of shopping for cute stuff for you, you know? Just saying...
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