Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Sunday Holiday Sale At Newport News

Believe it nons, Newport News (the store, not necessarily the city, though I'm sure you could probably find some stuff in the city too), has some cute holiday stuff on sale. Use promo code 538 for 25% through midnight, December 1.

($34, Newport News)
Such purdy suede. How do you not LOVE the combo of grey, black, and red? You DON'T not love it!

($19, Newport News)
A cute little leopard print clutch to hide all of your holiday cheer!

($29, Newport News)
An eensy little Chanel knockoff! God bless us everyone!

($10, Newport News)
Come on, how fun would this look with a black strapless sweetheart dress like so?

($15, Newport News)
Black teardrop earrings = holiday staple!

($14.99, Newport News)
Weep! Like Thanksgiving threw up all over an innocent bag!
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