Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LeSportsac Binge! Plus, Totally Random Hedgehog Stuff!

Inspired by my Harajuku Lovers handbags post, I went on a small LeSportsac Windows shopping binge. Here are some of the fun, less-common stilos, shapes, and sizes that I netted at some non-morts prices!

($75, LeSportsac, Nordstrom)
Just the right amount of preppiness.

($75, LeSportsac, Shopbop)
The Jen Tote! Normally I don't love the multi-zippered look, but when it's folded over, it's cute. AND functional!

($68, LeSportsac, Amazon)
The Deluxe Everyday Tote in Checkit is a nice, WAY cheaper alternative to the 3.1 Philip Lim Editor's bag, which is about $500.

($98, LeSportsac, Amazon)
I don't know what these little faces are on the Dana Tote, but they're cute, and that girl could fit in that bag.

($46, LeSportsac, Amazon)
Love the '60s sorta-Pucci-looking zigzags here. They're not as obviously cutesy LeSportsac as a lot of the rest of their bags, even though I love some cutesiness too!

($46.95, LeSportsac, Amazon)
Cutey-cute little woodgrain/ animal print toiletry bag for a great price.

($37.93, LeSportsac, Amazon)
Another adorable toiletry bag, this one in "Goth."

($16.93, LeSportsac, Amazon)
McCuters little cosmetic bag in "Fantasy." And it's got a smiling kitty on it! Hee!

($23, LeSportsac, Karmaloop.com)
Lakeside is one of my favorite of the newer LeSportsac prints. So so SO cute with the widdle foxies and deerz and bearies!

($68, LeSportsac, Karmaloop.com)
The Suzette handbag in Shades is adorability! Sorta reminds me of the Andy Warhol for Paul Frank that came out a few years ago.

Finally, my fave:
($88, LeSportsac, Amazon)
Ridiculously cute hedgehogs! And to celebrate, I've found a few other hedgehog items...

($3.75, Folkmanis, Amazon)
It's a coot widdle hedgehoggooh fingo poopet!

($99, Kenneth Jay Lane, Shopbop.com)
Um, yes. That is a hedgehog ring. Or a pinecone with a face. Even I can't approve of that.

($39, Deglingos, Amazon)
Likewise, I totally disapprove of this corduroy/patchwork/evil tree monstrosity. Because there is enough disapproval to go around! Let's just stick with the hedgehog back, shall we?
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