Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Harajuku Lovers Techno Pins Bag!

If loving Harajuku Lovers handbags is wrong, I don't even wanna be right, y'all. No they're not subtle. Yes yes, they're geared toward young folks, but HL bags are light, durable and hold EVERYTHING, and sometimes you can find them for less than LeSportsac. I shoved half the contents of my life into mine tonight, and I actually didn't feel like I was going to crack my poor achy little shoulder off. No, they're not job-interview material, but for everyday use, they get high marks, especially for cuteness...

Anyway, check out their fun new Techno Pins print in the "Uh-Oh" tote style -- my favorite -- because it's got lots of PERFECTO pockets AND a zip top:
($98, Harajuku Lovers)

($29, Harajuku Lovers, TheGiantPeach.com)
Super cute in its cosmetic bag vershe. Looky that whistle charm zipper pull! Hee! AND you could put BOBBY PINS in it, YOU KNOW?

($41, Harajuku Lovers, 6pm.com)
The "Uh-Oh" bag in Peacock (hee!), if you need something a LITTLE less Technocolored.

($30, Lulu's)
Not a Harajuku Lovers bag, but similar cute Pop style at a bear market price!
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