Sunday, November 23, 2008

Who Wants My Paul's Boutique Peacock Bag?

Enjoy it, Jenny!

Okay. Who would like my Paul's Boutique peacock bag?

It's used and no longer looks as stand-up-straight as this:
The "flare" is missing, and the tops of the handles are definitely worn, but it's in great working order -- the zipper's been replaced, and there's been a little repair to the top, but there are no major stains or whatever. Lots of opportunity for you to flare it up and add fun charms and pins and stuff. I sound like I'm pitching fixer-upper real estate or something. GREAT LOCATION! BRIEF WALKING DISTANCE TO TOWN! EXCELLENT SCHOOLS!

First come, first serve. Email me (my email's in the About Me section). I'm only gonna axe that you Paypal me some cash for packing, tracking, and shipping, but otherwise it's yours. US only please. Not because I don't love foreigners (my dad's one!), but because the post office is a huge PITA.

** And don't forget, I'm giving away an AWESOME Napoleon Perdis kit, so go there, do that because that giveaway ends Wednesday, November 26th, and you'll be sad if you forget to enter. But too also doncha know, I've got lots more giveaways coming up after that! YAY, FREE SHIT!**
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