Thursday, December 04, 2008

Big Ol' Calvin Klein Sale!

Nothing comes between me and my...oh wait, I hardly ever purchase anything by Calvin Klein. Maybe it's the stigma that comes with seeing his jackets in disarray at Marshall's (yes, I go there, and will again!). But this redonkulous sale is something I can't deny. Would you believe 40 percent off everything sitewide, plus an additional 10 percent off with coupon code EEQ1L48 and free shipping with purchases over $50? I would purchase the following snazzy pieces if I weren't desperately trying to think of other people and not spend all my hard-earned Christmas-gifting money.

Lurex waffle sweater, was $128, $69.12 after discounts. Take classic schlubwear (a waffle-knit thermal) and give it a cool shape and some metallic threading? Chicness follows!

Pleated-back top, was $48, now $25.92. Noice, no? Bizness in the front...

...paaaartay in the back!

Tweed funnel-neck jacket, $90.72 down from $168 after discounts. If you don't mind layering a short-sleeved jacket over longer sleeves, which I in fact DO. It's winter! We need long sleeves! Why is this hard?

Graphic-print dress, was $168, $90.72 after savings. Love this print.

Knot-back dress, was the magic number of $168, but you can get it guessed it, $90.72. Very sleek and perfect for a holiday cocktail party.

Finally we have a sweet-ass bag. The "Caelyn" satchel was $268 before discounts, is $144.72 after. I'm loving the luxe purple leather of this, not so much the Calvin Klein logo. Am I right or am I right?
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