Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Quickie Coin Purses & Wallets + I'm Mad At Ya, Marc Jacobs!

Um, Marc Jacobs wants you to pay $39 of your hard-earned American dollars for this beaded coin purse. Um, does it have money tree seeds inside? Maybe it will hold the 39 cents that 39 American dollars are currently worth in foreign currency. I know it's leather and handmade, but it's also derivative of those shoddy (yet fun!), kitschy little favors I used to get at like birthday parties and Purim carnivals that are worth probably a whopping 4 pennies.
($39, Marc By Marc Jacobs)

You could also save yourself $32.50 and get a DOZEN widdle coin purses:
... Or... just go to the toy section of your local supermarket/ drugstore/ 99-cent store, MARC!

($34, Billabong,
Super sweet birdy print wallet! I LOVE me a nice flat billfoldy wallet with a classic kiss lock.

ALSO, please check out these adorable and for-a-good-cause wallets created in tandem by Poketo artists and lil writers, who lent the words. Proceeds go to the 826LA Writing Center. They're only $20, made of vinyl, and (hi)LOLarious!

($20, Chris Bettig and 10-year-old writer Sophie,
Click to enlarge, obvz.

($20, Mark Todd and 9-year-old Roberto,
Roberto wrote himself into the story. Stick to what you know, kid! That's what I always say!

($20, Christine Castro and 9-year-old Brian,
My favorite. It's about well-dressed spy animals! Brian, you're a genius. Call me, mean it!
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