Saturday, December 06, 2008

Tuleste Market: Moar Chunky Jewelry, Pleas!

With the economy in the shit tank, both my and my fiance's jobs on the line, AND a wedding on the horizon, the absolute LAST thing in the UNIVERSE I need is another piece of jewelry (especially after my Pade Vavra binge, which was absolutely one of the best non-essential purchases I've made in my entire life). But if I WERE going to buy ANOTHER chunky necklace, it'd be this Tuleste Market necklace:
($135, Tuleste Market,
I love the silver and blue combo.

Check out these necklaces by Tuleste Market -- East Village-based sisters Satu and Celeste Greenberg:

($185, Tuleste Market,
Delightfully Dynasty!

($129.50, Tuleste Market,
Thoroughly modern! AND on sale!


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Marina said...

I didn't know about Tulest and these are awesome, thanks for posting.

One of the beautiful things about chunky jewelry though is that it's usually not silver or gold so you can get it for pretty cheap. Try it on at local stores first to make sure the style works on you. And when you're searching online, sometimes "bold" is the euphimism they use for "chunky." When I searched for bold jewelry, I found some cool Michael Kors and Betsey Johnson pieces.

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