Saturday, December 06, 2008

Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs & Diane von Furstenberg eBay Steals!

I've started to poke around eBay a bit both for a potential wedding dress and for a bridesmaids dress for my bestie's wedding in April. And HOLY HELL are there some designer steals and deals out there, assuming they're not fake of course.

($336, Zac Posen, eBay)
This listing's just for the skirt. Still a great deal. I'm not always a huge fan of brocade, but this whole look is so crisp and timeless. Too bad it's not an entire whole dress though. How great would it look with those Tuleste Market necklaces?

($149, Diane von Furstenberg, eBay)
Also just so elegant. A look you really can't mess up... unless you wear it with sneakers or something.

($139, Marc By Marc Jacobs, eBay)
This Marc jacquard dress would look HORBS on me but possible adorbs on YOU?

($239, Marc Jacobs, eBay)
... As always, check feedback and return policies stuff before you get all click happy.

Or, go with the known entity:
($39.50, Alloy)
Another great necklace to go with those Tuleste Market necklaces.

($39.50, Alloy)
These Alloy dresses, combined with the fact that Alloy's got free shipping (well, they charge like $1.95) until December 7th -- NO MINIMUM -- make me so FREAKING excited I practically wanna jump out a window like Kristin Wiig's Sue:

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