Friday, January 09, 2009

FashionBinge's News You Can Use: eLuxury Folds, Cavalli Gets His Own Credit Card, Olivia Palmero Still Exists

Fashion news -- and vyoos -- you can USE, y'all!

+ LVMH's eLuxury will be shutting dat shit down sometime within the next six month. My fingers are crossed for a big-ass sale. I will of course then UNcross them and buy the SHIT out of some shit -- specifically this Maison Martin Margiela bracelet that Eye4Style turned me onto and/or some Golden Goose boots. (Racked)

+ Moar Urbn, pls! Urban Outfitters is opening their seventh location in New York -- in an old Deco theater at 99th and Broadway. At least it's not an American Apparel. God knows we need more crotch. (Metromix NY)

+ Brooklyn Flea moved INdoors and to DUMBO -- specifically to 76 Front St., corner of Washington St. from this Saturday, January 10 through the next 13 weekends. (Brownstoner)

+ Olivia Palmero: Oy! STILL SO zaftig! (WWWD)

+ I kinda love how Twilight's Kristen Stewart often looks like she just rolled outta bed (espesh the hairs) but still lands best-dressed list: She's #2 on Teen Vogue's Best Dressed of December 2008.

+ Jack Ryan, dude who designed Barbie, was derty DURRRRRDY! (Page Six)

+ Got a gift card you don't want anymore? Cash that sucker in for... CASH at Or... sell it on eBay -- I've had lotsa luck there.

+ Speaking of cash, looks like I accidentally left my ATM receipt in the machine! Silly me, silly me! (Consumerist)

+ Samantha Droke is 21 years old and has a clothing line (read: a couple tee-shirts) and you (and I) don't. (JustJaredJr)

+ Roberto Cavalli has his OWN credit card. And you don't. Unless you're Roberto Cavalli and you're reading this, in which case, WHAT UP? WHAT HAPPNIN'? (FabSugar)

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