Friday, January 09, 2009

Hold The Phone ... And Your Nose... CK One Is Back!

French roll your relaxed fit jeans, spray up those bang rolls, bust out those Coke Classic rugby shirts, and mark your calendars because CK One is coming BACK! Srsly! January 20 is gonna be a historical day and NOT just because the Obamas are gonna paint the White House black. But because CK One -- AKA eau de '90s -- is gettin' reborned with a brand-new marketing campaign, including print ads shot by Steven Meisel (gotta at least give it that!), and a new soundtrack by British artist Jamie Burke. And you get speakers too. You laugh, but that shit sells like WOAH abroad. Also, look for an all-over body spray that comes with an oversize pump, for dat extra stank.

WWD has more on CK One redux.

+ In even more shocking '90s news Malibu Musk is STILL IN PRODUCTION!

+ Suggested purchasing: Let's Paint the '90s Coloring Book!
($13.95, Fred Flare)

And speaking (highly!) of my favies at Fred Flare, make a Valentine for 'em, why doncha? It's for charity!

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