Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FashionBinge's News You Can Use: Topshop Delayed On Account Of Drankin', Non-Traditional Committment Rings, Brooklyn Target Still A Total Mess

+ More on that ever-delayed New York Topshop opening: Seems Topshop's applied for a ground-floor liquor license (!?!??!?!?), and the community board's all like "Sorry, ma'am. You're gonna have to finish that before you go in." WHO THE FUCK CARES about boozin' while you're cruisin' for deals? Just LET ME SHOP (or at least browse -- THANKS, downturn!) already! (Racked)

+ Maje LuLs: "Difficult To Tell If T.J. Maxx Hit Hard By Recession." Best part: "Further evidence of T.J. Maxx's imminent foreclosure or, possibly, its wholly unaffected condition, included reports of shoppers rummaging through barrels of lamps up to their shoulders, multiple sightings of bras stuffed into children's shoes, the impromptu sale of in-store display cases for cash, and an excess of golf-based giftware." (The Onion)

+ Refinery29 has 20 non-traditional "I do" rings that aren't a snooze. My fave are the Alex + Chloe rings, which certainly don't have to be worn as weddin grings. The square 14k gold versions are available at RevolveClothing, and the one right thurrr's is Alex + Chloe's Inverted Triple White Diamond Ring, made of oxidized silver, and it's under a Kspot. (Refinery29)

+ You say bike shorts, I say no. (Refinery29)

+ Hey, if you dress your tiny dog like JonBenét Ramsey, you probably deserve to go to jail. (Jezebel)

+ Fucked In Park Slope posted another amazing (and, sadly, completely accurate) account of attempting to "shop" at Brooklyn's Atlantic Yards Target. Tears.

FIPS Undercover II: Target Sucks (Brooklyn, NY) from Effed in Park Slope on Vimeo.

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