Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Perfect Slouchy Jeans?

I love me some skinny jeans, but sometimes you just need some extra room, nomesayin'? Check out two pairs of jeans with a little more room for whatevzskies. Certainly no judgments here.

($66, Element, Lulus.com)
I've found that even with higher-wasted side-button jeans, you can go a size up and they're still flattering. Plus, no nipsy-wispy where wipsy should not be nipped.

($125, Black Orchid, ShopRumor.com)
Black Orchid's boyfriend jeans are supposed to be the shiz dot biz. Try getting them for 25% off at ShopRumor.com with promo code "CAL25," (not positive that code's still working though). And while I normally don't condone ANYTHING on, near, or in Tara Reid's body, I do condone a discount. So if that promo code doesn't work, try getting 20% off at Black Orchid jeans at Blondette with promo code "save20more."
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